About Me

Welcome to Mid Mitten Morsels! I am so thrilled to share this space, and my kitchen with you!

man and women in baseball caps
My hubby and I supporting the Tigers, one of our favorite Michigan teams.

I have this group of girl friends who fondly call ourselves “The Twenty Somethings.” We meet on a weekly basis, share a meal, and spend some time just sharing our lives and pouring into one another. As a lover of good food and kitchen craft I often found myself sharing recipes and cooking with tips with them. Those evening chats and encouragement are the inspiration for this blog.

Like my eclectic mix of twenty something friends, I know that you have a unique skill set when it comes to the kitchen (even if that means you just know how to use the microwave). I want to help you explore new recipes, learn kitchen skills, and flourish on your own culinary journey.

There are no hard set rules here…sometimes I eat clean meals, whole30, grain free, etc.. And sometimes I stuff my face with good old fashioned full fat dessert. Life’s all about balance ya know?

In each recipe post I try to share “Pro” (quotation marks because I am not by any means an actual pro) tips, and cooking skills that can be used beyond the recipe at hand. I also share general kitchen tips, tricks, and hacks to make your life easier, along with reviews of products and gadgets I love.

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Finding my way in the kitchen was a path of trial and error and one that I am still on. But I firmly believe that everyone can learn to cook! My goal is to show you how, in a way that is fresh, affordable, and fits into the chaotic thing that is life in your twenties.

Spend some time here, snoop around, and welcome to the Morsels family!

P.S If you are wondering on the name Mid Mitten Morsels. I live smack dab in the middle of Michigan, often dubbed the “Mitten State.” I love this Midwestern gem and like to brag on it just a tad.

Winchester our cute, occasionally naughty, springer spaniel.