Stock your space with these Kitchen Must Haves

Stock your space with these Kitchen Must Haves

Friends I have been working on this list for a while now, because I remember searching online and perusing my mother’s cabinets trying to figure out what I would need for my first kitchen. Finally I am ready to share it with you, and the time could be better because Amazon is having Prime Day tomorrow which means you could get some killer deals. Think of this as a guide to your kitchen must haves.  I tried to keep the list short, because stocking a kitchen can be overwhelming.

For example, when I got married my mom and aunts threw me a kitchen themed bridal shower. It was great! Super cute, so totally me, and I received more kitchen tools, containers, and bake ware than I ever could have imagined. To be honest three years later I still haven’t tried it all out.  I want to help you figure out what you need in your kitchen without overloading. That way you could maximize your cupboard space and invest in quality pieces you can use again and again.

I have included links to where you can find these things on amazon, they are affiliate links so if you choose to purchase something through them I will receive a small kickback to keep this site up and running and you will receive a great product and my endless gratitude.

So here they are my Kitchen Must Haves:

1. Cast Iron Skillet:

Cast iron is a blast from the past that never goes out of style.  These pans are heavy, solid, and require some special care (you really should not wash them with soap). But they can created a great crust on steaks, fajitas, and scalloped potatoes. Another plus is the fact that they can be used in the oven meaning you can go from sautéing to baking easily.

2. Pan set with multiple sized pots and sauté pans:

Now I know this isn’t really one kitchen item, but it really is a great investment to get a good pan set.  The one I have linked above is the set I received as a gift when I moved into my first apartment. I LOVE them.  The nonstick coating is Pfoas free (a nasty chemical that used to be in Teflon) super easy to clean up, and they have held up beautifully over the years.

3. 9×13 Baking Dish

A great 9×13 pan is a must in any kitchen. Perfect for baking brownies, or creating a casserole, this pan is even better than usual because it has a locking lid and easy grip handles. For a few bucks more you can even get a carrying case that includes a heat/ice pack. I love this pan and frequently take dishes in it to friends’ places.

4. Cookie Sheet/ Sheet pan

Pretty self explanatory here but a good sheet pan is a definite kitchen must have.  I would recommend a slightly heavier pan with a non stick coating like these ones.  Over time heavier pans will hold up well, and the non stick makes cleanup a bit easier.

5. Mixing Bowl Set

Continuing with my kitchen must haves a mixing bowl set is a great purchase. These stack inside one another, have flatter bottoms for mixing, and even come with individual lids.  I love being able to mix up a batter in one of these, pop the lid on, and then place it in the fridge without needing to cover it in plastic wrap or foil.

6. Grater

A box grater may seem old school in the days of food processors but believe me you will find endless uses for this one.  Currently I’ve been using mine to shred the endless amount of zucchini the kitchen garden is producing. But you can also use it for cheese, potatoes, or onions.

7. Spatula/Turner

Confession here: I have always referred to these things as a spatula, but when I was searching for my favorite one on Amazon I realized the actual name is a “turner.” Anyway I love this one, it holds up well, cleans easy, and won’t scratch the bottom of my pans.  If you love it as much as I do the brand also has other fun varieties such as a slotted model, pancake turner or smaller size for cookies!

8. Measuring Spoons

You guys these measuring spoons are the bomb! (I don’t think people really say that anymore but it’s true here.) Not only are they double sided so you can use one side for dry ingredients and the other for wet while cooking. But they are also magnetic! So they stick together in your drawer meaning you will never have to hunt don’t a teeny tiny measuring spoon ever again! Do yourself a favor and even if you think your kitchen is completely stocked, get yourself this set.

9. Measuring Cups

Every kitchen must have a set of measuring cups.  These aren’t the ones I have (mine are just a plastic set that I am not even sure where I picked them up) but these are pretty and the tapered edge for pouring would be nice.

10. Food Thermometer

So I think I’ve mentioned before that I used to be a health inspector. This is definitely a remnant of those days, but I firmly believe that every kitchen must have a food thermometer.  I have this one at home and it comes with a guide that lets you know what temperature your proteins should be cooked to.  Also few people know that in order to kill off possible food borne illnesses you should reheat all leftovers to 165 degrees.

11. Griddle

I have this exact griddle and love it.  We use it at least once a week. It works great for anything you need to flip like pancakes, burgers, or sausage patties. We also use it warm tortilla shells. Needless to say I have been impressed.

12. Cutting Board

These cutting boards are actually on my wish list.  My mom and grandma have some and they are well made and seem hold up great. Actually these cutting boards are made in the midwest, which is a fun local buying bonus.  They aren’t cheap but I like the idea that I wouldn’t have to moisturize them often the way I do with my bamboo boards.

Stock up on kitchen must haves.

Even if you can’t invest in all of these kitchen must haves at once it’s a good idea to begin building your supply here and there as you can. As silly and adultish as it sounds I actually really love getting kitchenware as gifts. My hubby even bought me a pizza stone once, the christmas before we got married. (His grandma scolded him for being unromantic, but I thought it was the perfect gift). Anyway I hope you find this list helpful and enjoying shopping!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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