Why I’m Tossing my Bathroom Scale in 2019.

Why I’m Tossing my Bathroom Scale in 2019.

This post doesn’t exactly fall in my typical range of post categories. It isn’t a recipe, or a kitchen tip or technique, or way to grow your own herbs. (All of which are things I love to share with you all).

I just feel like I need to get real with you all. My followers and friends. 

I started Mid Mitten Morsels because I love to cook, and teach. I love to share good food, recipes, and life with my twenty something gal pals. And this my friends, is a part of my life: I hate my bathroom scale.

Now before you assume I hate my bathroom scale for the obvious reason, that it holds be accountable to my health goals, let me give you a little background.

In high school I was in great shape. I was a competitive swimmer, a volleyball player, and a mid distance runner on a track team. I had these constant seasons of training and conditioning that basically meant I could eat whatever I wanted and stay thin and toned.

Guys, if we are being honest I sooooo wish I could go back and chat with that sweet, naive girl and tell her what great shape she was in. Because the truth is that even back then when I weighed all of 125 lbs and ate 500 million calories a day, I thought I could do better. I thought I should have weighed closer to 120, had more visible abs, and thigh gap.

Which is completely ridiculousness. But I know we’ve all been there.

You want to know the main reason I’m tossing the scale?


berries in water

I’m already healthy.

Yup. Even being pounds from my goal weight I am healthy. You know how I know that? Because I work really hard to be healthy.  Here’s my examples of how I am healthy.  (Honest to the goodness I do all of these things):

  • drink half my weight in water daily
  • eat 3-5 servings of fruit and veggies daily
  • walk 30-60 minutes twice a day (no joke, I have a Springer Spaniel after all and he needs all the exercise)
  • lift weights four days a week
  • intermediate fast
  • avoid added sugars (even natural ones like maple syrup, believe it or not I actually love drinking my coffee black)

Really this list could probably go on with other healthy things I do for myself.  Actually, just putting that list down on “paper” made me feel super good about myself, which brings me to my next point:

Weighing myself just makes me feel bad.

And that’s complete crap.

In case you need reasons why I shouldn’t feel like crap about my weight, refer to the list above.

There is so much more to health than your body weight. Let me say that again. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO YOUR HEALTH THAN WHAT YOU WEIGH. The really sad truth is that even with all the steps I’ve made to improve my health, even with all the strength, muscle, and confidence I’ve gained, I would walk up to that scale and lose it all in an instant.

belly and measuring tape

So I’m giving it up in 2019.

We’re quickly approaching the season of new beginnings and promises to ourselves. So I would encourage you to consider where you need to give yourself a little grace.

Maybe you are like me and you undermine your self confidence with a standard that doesn’t really matter. You might need to cherish your body a little more, and pick out something from the list above to improve your health. Maybe you need more rest.

Make a list of things that you are doing really well, and celebrate that! Take a moment to realize how awesome and incredible you are. Adulting is not an easy thing to do, but you my dear friend are making it work.

I cannot tell you how many years now my secret resolution has been to lose weight. The number is always different, but the lie is the same. This year I will hit my “perfect” weight and everything will be incredible.  

Friends, that’s not true. My life is incredible already, and my weight is not going to change that. I love my hardworking husband, sweet puppy, cozy house, and cool job. I know that I am deeply loved and cherished, and that I have a purpose and a calling.

No number on a scale can change those things 

Therefore, this is the year of letting old resolutions die and choosing to do something new.

Could this be the year you stop looking at the “bathroom scale” in your life?  Instead maybe this is the year you look at the great things you do, and the great things you can be.

Maybe this is the year you learn to cook.

I’d love to help you with that. 🙂 

All the best, 

~Chloe M. 

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